XCI Evento da Comunidade SQLPort

Realiza-se no dia 21 de Fevereiro de 2017, o 91º Encontro da comunidade SQLPort, que tem como objectivo a partilha de experiências e conhecimento entre os profissionais e entusiastas de SQL Server em Portugal. O evento vai ser realizado no auditório da Microsoft Portugal, pelas 18:30, sendo a entrada livre para todos os inscritos.
Os registos devem ser efetuados no site da Eventbrite.

18:30 Abertura e recepção
19:00 “New features for devs in SQL Server 2016” – Antonio Lourenço (CTO – Take And Sound)
20:15 Intervalo
20:30 “Mantaining Query Store at the instance level in SQL Server 2016” – Etienne Lopes (SQL Server DBA – Oramix SA)
21:40 Sorteio
22:00 Jantar livre

Do you know that now you can DIE with SQL Server 2016? Well, only if you know that DIE is DROP IF EXISTS. We will time travel with temporal data, will secure our data with row-level security, dynamic data masking and always encrypted, will stretch our database to Azure and even talk JSON natively.

All started with Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at IST (Técnico Lisbon) and more recently Informatics Engineering at Lusofona. From helpdesk, sysadmin, software engineer, developer evangelist to currently CTO at a media production company. Interests in all things IT related but with primary focus on cloud, storage and collaboration tools.

As DBAs we need to manage not just one but many/all databases in one (or many) instance(s).
Knowing that the scope of Query Store is the database, not the instance, monitoring all its settings properly and regularly can become a hard task…
In this session I’ll present a project I’m working on to simplify monitoring Query Store at the instance level, for all its databases at once.
Etienne Lopes currently works as a SQL Server DBA at ORAMIX – Expert Services.
Working with SQL Server since 1997: 6.5 to 2014, member of sqlport community (www.sqlport.com), regular speaker since 2012 at SQL Server events such as: SQL Saturday and 24 Hours of PASS